The logo for the Macoupin County History and Families Book has been chosen.  The hardback, collector’s quality book will be in burgundy leatherette with the gold embossed logo on the front.  Anyone with ties to Macoupin County can still enter their family history in 500 words and one photo into the book at no cost.  Stories can be brought to the Historical Society at 920 W. Breckenridge, Carlinville, IL or emailed to mchsgenealogy@yahoo.com.  Besides the family histories, the book will have the history of towns in Macoupin County, history of the courthouse and other places of interest within the county.  Businesses, churches, and organizations are also encouraged to submit their histories to be included in the book for a small charge.  Books can be preordered from the Historical Society at a cost of $54.95.

Committee Selected for the Macoupin County History Book

The committee has been selected to help with the publishing of the Macoupin County History Book by the MCHS. Members of the committee are Libby Klocke, Ralph Scheldt, Carolyn Bettis, and Dorothy and Mary Etter. Histories and pictures have been collected for the bbrochure which will be mailed out to all Macoupin County residents giving the details of the book and how to submit your family history.

The hardback book will be primarily histories of Macoupin County families, but will also include a general county history as well as histories of towns and businesses with the possibility of also the history of organizations, schools, churches, and cemeteries. Families with Macoupin County ancestors are encouraged to write their history in 500 words and submit it with a photograph to published in the book at no charge to them.

Anyone interested in helping with the book by writing their town's history, business, organization, church, or school can contact anyone on the committee or email the Historical Society at mchsgenealogy@yahoo.com . Continued information about the book will be published in the Macoupin Enquirer or also on this website.

Family History Book Cover Chosen 

If you need more information about the book, you can contact the Genealogy Dept. of the Historical Society at www.mchsgenealogy@yahoo.com or Libby Klocke at 217-965-4563



When did your family come to Macoupin County?  What do you know about your family that came to Macoupin County?  If you can answer these questions you are on your way to writing your family history story for the Macoupin County History and Families Book.  If you have already submitted your story, Thanks, but if not, you still have time.  Acclaim Press has once again extended the deadline until November 21st.  This though will be the Final deadline.  So far over 400 stories have been turned in but the committee is hoping to get at least 500 stories by the deadline.  You don’t have to buy a book to have your family story in the book, all you have to do is submit your story in 500 words along with one picture and it will be included in the book free of charge.  If your story goes over 500 words, it is just
15 cents a word for each word over 500.  You can submit more than one picture for $15 a picture for each additional one. Stories can be emailed to
mchsgenealogy@yahoo.com along with a picture.  Send the picture as a separate attachment in jpeg format.  They can also be mailed to the Macoupin County Historical Society, PO Box 432, Carlinville, IL 62626 or dropped off at the Historical Society on Wednesday from 10 a.m. till 3 p.m. and on Friday from 1-4 p.m.
Businesses, organizations and churches are also encouraged to submit their histories to be included in the book for a small fee.  This book will be a family heirloom and handed down thru the generations so make sure your family story is included so years from now people can read about your family and their involvement in Macoupin County.  For more information or a brochure explaining the book
contact the committee at the above email or address or phone 217-854-2850.